Eligibility Criteria
The child should have completed 6 ½ years on or before 31 May of that academic year for starting the Elementary Program.
Children who have completed 6 years on or before 31 May will be ready for the Elementary and will undergo a Transition Program.
The vacancy for children with special needs is limited so as to maintain a healthy and effective inclusive environment which benefits all the children.
The child should have completed 2 ½ years on or before 31 May of that academic year for starting the Primary Program.
Younger children may be considered for the preparatory and settling environment depending on their readiness.
Older children will also be considered based on their age and previous schooling.
Enquiries regarding admission can be made by email or telephone or directly in the school office at any time of the academic year. The school retains enquiries for one year only. 
The Application form is issued three times a year for June Term, September Term and January Term. The date of issue of application forms will be intimated in the website. The Application Form, Prospectus and Fee Structure can be collected from the school office on payment of Rs 300/- 
The filled in application form has to be submitted within two working days after issue. Late submissions will not be considered. Once the application form is submitted the admission process will commence. All eligible applications are considered for admission based on available vacancies. 
The school will schedule the Admission Interview. It will last approximately for one hour and is a wonderful opportunity to get to know the Montessori methodology and school procedures. It will also help understand what to expect from the Montessori experience. You will also get to see the environments. 
Admission is granted on the basis of readiness of the child for schooling and whether the parents’ educational philosophy is compatible with that of the school. For children above 5 years there will be a formal evaluation. Criteria for acceptance will vary by age and may include teacher assessments based on interviews, make-up of current classes and available space. The parents have to share any special or health needs their child may have. 
If admitted the admission letter will be sent by mail. Once the school receives confirmation by mail and the non refundable admission fee has been paid along with the term fee, on or before the intimated date, the child will be officially enrolled in the school records.