About Vrithi

We believe every child is unique and we respect and celebrate that uniqueness.
Vision and Mission
To provide an interactive and meaningful environment where every child can experience the joy of exploring, discovering, learning and create their unique personality. To offer the much-needed space and time to facilitate the natural unfolding of the child's potential.
The trend of sending children to a school as a routine task expected of parents and then sending them to tuition classes outside school to 'learn' or 'improve' and do homework is catching up. This trend is quite alarming as a school should be the place that will allow a child to learn for life and apply their learning independent of an external 'push'. The demand for such 'extra help' led us to conduct phonetic classes in 2014. After a year, Vrithi Enrichment Centre was established in 2015. The enrichment centre has allowed children studying in schools following different streams of education to experience the Montessori Method of education and has supported their natural learning. After two years of successfully enabling many children to become independent learners, Vrithi Montessori School was established in Jan 2017, a school that provides everything a parent is looking for in a school; education for life and a place where their child is not one among many but the one who is important and respected for whoever they are.
Vrithi is the brainchild of Vaissnavi Sureshbabu and Rohini Kartik. Both are passionate about spreading the reach of Montessori Education and providing opportunity for children to discover themselves and enjoy learning. Their rich and varied experiences in guiding and enabling many children to attain their potential encouraged them to start a Montessori school. They bring with them the energy and love of learning and the dream to create strong independent and responsible adults.
Vrithi Montessori School, House of Children is aptly set up in a spacious independent house with over 4000 sq.ft of indoor space and 2000 sq.ft of outdoor space. It has fully equipped Montessori Environments. The environments are naturally ventilated and well lit. All aspects of safety have been taken into consideration.