Our Story
Vrithi Montessori School was established in January 2017, a school that provides everything a parent is looking for in a school; education for life and a place where their child is not one among many but the one who is important and respected for whoever they are. At Vrithi Montessori School, we believe that every child is unique and that uniqueness is respected and celebrated.
  • To provide an interactive and meaningful environment where every child can experience the joy of exploring, discovering, learning and create their unique personality.
  • To offer the much-needed space and time to facilitate the natural unfolding of the child's potential.
  • To provide opportunity for children to discover themselves.
  • To assist in laying the foundation for the creation of strong, independent and responsible adults.
Our Vision and Mission
Vrithi Montessori School is set up in a spacious independent house with over 4000 sq.ft of indoor space and 2000 sq.ft of outdoor space. It has two fully equipped Montessori Environments. The environments are naturally ventilated and well lit. All aspects of safety have been taken into consideration. The entire campus (both outdoor and indoor) is under CCTV surveillance.
The children have adequate play area inside the school campus. Physical Education classes are conducted in the campus. When required the children are taken to the Pallikaranai Basketball ground nearby.
Resource persons for South Indian Folk Dance and Western Dance conduct classes regularly.